(we're friends now, right??)

I'm Sav or Savannah or Savvy or Nana. But I'll answer to any of 'em.

I have a passion for creating and am constantly pushing myself to learn and do more. I enjoy quiet moments with coffee + my 3 little angel dogs. If you follow me on social, you're SURE to see them. I can't end the day without friends reruns, and that may be my ultimate downfall, or my biggest accomplishment. Not sure yet. As a kid, I spent my summer's practicing my "new" handwriting for the upcoming school year, so it's no wonder I love letters and creating them to be pieces of art for someone else.

Sav Letter Co. was created out of little girl dreams of owning my own business, my love of design and my adoration of pen (or paint, maker, nib) to paper. My goal is to make every single piece I create a new story for it's owner, for it to hold a memory that can be cherished and remembered each and every time you see it. Because without that, what is it all really for anyway?
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